Believing in the transformative powers of an exquisitely crafted fine-leather good begins with DELGĒ. Supple to the touch, captivating to the eyes, each piece is a testament to the level of artistry behind a label dedicated to quality and sophistication. Fashioned by talented artisans, pieces are hand-crafted with the utmost consideration for every detail.


DELGĒ’s elevated design raises the standard on functional accessories, with bespoke accents, interchangeable pieces and timeless shapes that not only take you through the day, but they’re also fashioned for life.


An exquisitely crafted fine-leather good has the power to transform any wardrobe, and DELGĒ’s accessories do so dramatically. Our collections are finished by hand in our own atelier in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where expert artisans bring to life luxurious pieces using time-honoured techniques.


Other than terrific wine and a deep-rooted love for tango, Argentina is known worldwide for its leather of unparalleled beauty, quality and durability. DELGĒ’s pieces are crafted using the very best fine leather in the region, and we travel the world sourcing other stately materials to complement our goods. From French goat leather to Italian hardware, foreign finds are perfectly blended with local gems to build one-of-a-kind pieces for our sophisticated clientele.